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Best VR and Google Cardboard free apps

Virtual reality headsets have made movies, media and gaming experience so amazing that too at a very cheap price.

If you already own a headset, Great! If not, read my another post How to buy inexpensive VR glasses? Let me tell you some interesting apps you must have to spice up your VR experience.
Titans of Space: Titans of Space is a short guided tour of our planets and a few stars in virtual reality. Works with Google Cardboard. You are definitely going to love this app, download it now.Sites in VR: Virtual tours (also for VR goggles) of landmarks from Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Morocco etc. It offers you a 360 degree view of all these places. Definitely a must try app.Chair in a room: It's a VR horror game, definitely gonna give you some fright. The first story is about a missing girl but the new story "Greed" brings VR horror to another level.InMind VR: InMind VR is a short but fun game which allows you to journey through a patient's brain to search for …

How to buy inexpensive Virtual Reality Glasses?

Do you want to experience the world of Virtual Reality? Great! That's not only simple but inexpensive as well. Forget about Oculus, HTC Vive or PSVR, you can experience this world in just a few bucks.

Order Google cardboard or VR Box or Universal 3D VR glasses from any online seller i.e. Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba etc.

I have bought one from Alibaba at a very less price.

Few things to keep in mind while buying from Alibaba:
Product reviews: Reviews must always be the first thing you check while shopping online. Product reviews will tell you it's quality and durability.Seller feedback: Always prefer buying from seller having atleast 95% positive feedback. This may happen that your order never gets delivered or opening a dispute doesn't solve the issue. So, buy only from seller with good feedback.Shipping cost: Less shipping cost is always good, look for sellers giving free shipping.Size of headset: One important point to consider, whether it will hold you phone or not? Do ch…

Karna - The hapless Mahabharata Warrior

“Karma is a bitch.” These must be the truest words ever spoken. Karna was so unfortunate because of his Karma. In his previous birth, Karna was a demon by name “Dambhodbhava”. He was an Asura, who like every other asura, wanted to be powerful and had a ridiculous desire to become Immortal. So, one fine day, he started to pray for Sun God “Surya Deva”.

Lord Surya was impressed by his devotion and intensity of his “Tapas (Deep meditation)” and asked him what his desire was. Dambhodbhava who was greedy for power asked Surya to grant him the one boon no one could grant i.e. Immortality.
“Everything that takes birth must die”. This was the First Law Of the Universe and Surya told the asura, he can ask for anything except Immortality. Dambodhbhava was crestfallen as he thought that all the Tapas was a waste of time. Dambodhbhava unwilling to give up, was lost in thought for a long time. He was determined to go home immortal one way or the other. So, he devised a clever & tricky boon whic…

Must visit beaches of GOA

Goa has always been the best option to go out with friends or your partner. This is not just a place to hang out with friends having beer, dancing and roaming around on bikes but also there are places to find peace and having a memorable time.
Best time to visit:Night Party Freak, Christmas – November to January
Off Season, Peace – February to June (hot weather)
Monsoon lovers – July to October
Beaches you must visit:1. Mandrem Beach It is situated in North Goa, Mandrem is a tranquil beach and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia. Mandrem is preferred by honeymooners for its serene and scenic beauty. The sequestered beach provides the much needed privacy for the honeymooners. There is nothing much to do in Mandrem. Laze around on the beach or take a swim in the clear waters or visit the nearby eateries to enjoy , Mandrem is good for do-nothing vacation.
2. Agonda Beach Agonda Beach is serene and clean beach. It is ideal if you want peaceful environment, enjoying the sun-bath or …