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Must visit beaches of GOA

Goa has always been the best option to go out with friends or your partner. This is not just a place to hang out with friends having beer, dancing and roaming around on bikes but also there are places to find peace and having a memorable time.

Best time to visit:

Night Party Freak, Christmas – November to January
Off Season, Peace – February to June (hot weather)
Monsoon lovers – July to October

Beaches you must visit:

1. Mandrem Beach

It is situated in North Goa, Mandrem is a tranquil beach and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia. Mandrem is preferred by honeymooners for its serene and scenic beauty. The sequestered beach provides the much needed privacy for the honeymooners. There is nothing much to do in Mandrem. Laze around on the beach or take a swim in the clear waters or visit the nearby eateries to enjoy , Mandrem is good for do-nothing vacation.

2. Agonda Beach

Agonda Beach is serene and clean beach. It is ideal if you want peaceful environment, enjoying the sun-bath or reading a book in silence. One of the most popular tourist spots, known for beach parties, nightlife and amazing seafood served at nearby shacks and restaurants. It is also famous for its water sports and dolphin cruises.

3. Cavelossim Beach

It is situated near Sal River, Cavelossim beach is serene, fringed by paddy fields and coconut groves. As most people head for popular beaches, Cavelossim witnesses less crowds. You can find bliss at such place for being less crowded and peaceful.

Less explored beaches of Goa:

1. Cola Beach

Even local people, who don’t live nearby, have not heard of this beach before. To reach this hidden treasure travel south to Canacona and look for signs that leads you to an unsullied beach located at the backdrop of coconut groves and blue skies. It is almost five minutes away from Agonda beach and has a unique blue lagoon surrounded by beach huts, where you can stay overnight.

2. Butterfly Beach

This exquisite gem not only has a pretty name but also has an unexplored stretch of sand because of its isolation. It is situated on Butterfly Island and is a great place for total privacy. The only way to go to Butterfly Islands’ beautiful beach is by boat from Agonda or Palolem beach.

3. Kakolem Beach

Looking for an adventure? Try getting to this lesser known beach, also called Tiger beach. It is situated in a bay, it’s breathtaking beauty makes up for almost getting lost on the way there. The sands are clean and deserted. The only way by land is to take the NH66 highway towards Cola village. Turn north-east and drive on a broken old road that leads you to a small platform. Taking the narrow steep winding stone stairs leads down to the beach. You can also rent a boat to reach the beach and come back.

4. Hollant Beach

This serene beach has a lovely bay with a long stretch of shallow water running into the sea which is perfect for non-swimmers and waders. The beach is rocky however the picturesque bay makes up for it. You will even see fishermen’s boats lining the narrow, curving shore to create a quaint picture.

5. Betul Beach

The wide expanse of this compact sandy beach can be found about 18kms from Margao. The scenery reminds you of traditional coastal fishing villages. It also has a small lagoon and a 17th century fort nearby. Reach Mobor beach by land and then take the Cavelossim-Assolna ferry across the River Sal to visit the beach.

6. Velsao Beach

Just towards the north of the popular Majorda and Colva beaches in the southern part of Goa, is this stunning beach with soft, silvery sand and nothing but a lifeguard and some birds to keep you company. It as also a less crowded beach to find some solace.

7. Siridao Beach

Around 12kms south of Panjim near the Zuari river estuary, this beach is situated with scattered blocks of rock in between smooth strips of sand giving the beachscape an unusually rugged appearance. The special quality about this beach, is the fragments of oyster shells that wash up on the shore and brighten up the beach. The nearest landmark is The Chapel of Jesus of Nazareth. You can also explore a few caves nearby.

It depends on your taste and type of places you like to visit. Few suggestions:
  • Looking for party visit Anjuna.
  • Crowded place visit Calangute.
  • Crystal clear blue water and a golden sand (filmy types) visit Palolem.
  • Water sports and dolphin sightseeing visit Benaulim.
Source: Quora


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