Time scheduled electric switch controlled with Blynk app

Most of the times when we go out of home for some days, we think of having some device that could switch ON/OFF (let's say) Refrigerator (or any other important appliance) for some hours during the day. Today, we are going to make such time scheduled electric switch which switches ON/OFF at times which we set the in our Blynk app. Woah!

Let's begin!

Things we need:

It's circuit is same as we have created for our Smart Switch. So, if you already have that circuit set up, go ahead with Blynk app set up and Start playing.



  • D5 pin of NodeMCU connects to IN1 pin of 5V relay.
  • 3V3 of NodeMCU connects to 3V3 powers source and GND to GND.
  • Vcc of relay connects to 5V source and GND to GND.
  • Live wire is connected directly to appliance.
  • Neutral wire from source comes to relay NC pin and another wire goes out from COM pin which is connected to the appliance.

Let's set up the Blynk app:

  1. Create a New Project in BLYNK app.
  2. Write Project Name and Select NodeMCU from dropdown and WiFi as connection type.
  3. An AUTH token will be sent to your registered email, note this down.
  4. Tap on the screen and add the Eventor widget to the screen.
  5. Tap on the Eventor widget and click Add New Event.
  6. Select Time button and choose DAYS OF THE WEEK and START AT time and TIME ZONE. SET THE TIME, then tap OK.
  7. Now, select turn ON pin and add D5 pin as we have connected our relay to PIN D5. Tap OK to finalize your Start Event.
  8. Same way create a new event and select START time that will Switch OFF the relay at PIN D5.
We have completed the circuit and set up our BLYNK. Let's do some coding.


Make sure to change the AUTH_KEY, SSID and PASSWORD before uploading the code to NodeMCU.

Upload and Play:

Connect NodeMCU using the MicroUSB cable and upload the code using Arduino IDE.
Once uploaded, click Play button on the BLYNK app and we can now close the app. The app will do rest.

And yes, the button we added in our previous (Smart Switch Project) still works like a charm. So, scheduled or manual, everything is awesome! Oh yeah!

We can now schedule our appliances to turn ON/OFF when ever we want with our time scheduled electric switch. That's what we call some good use of technology.

Suggestions and comments are always welcome. Feel Free!

Keep breaking, keep making!


  1. Where is the code? Not seeing it on the web page.

    1. Hi David, I have added the code. Thanks for mentioning it!

  2. D5 Isn't an option on my version of Blynk, only virtual outputs V0, V1, etc.
    Any suggestions? Thanks

    1. Sorry, please disregard my previous question. I was using Timer instead of Eventor. Apparently Eventor still not available for iOS.


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