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Automate irrigation system over internet

Hello Sailors! We are back with one more awesome IOT project where we are going to automate irrigation system. The system can be used in homes to water the plants any time and can also be scheduled so even if you forget to water plants (lazy like me), just schedule the device and your plants get water regularly. That's another great use of IOT, aah!
Overview We are going to control an AC water pump using NodeMCU/ESP8266 and blynk application. The Blynk app will have a switch controlling the pump to switch ON/OFF and an Eventor widget to schedule our pump switching with time. This way plants can be irrigated by manual switching or by scheduling with time.
Things we needHardwareNodeMCU/ESP82665V relayWater PumpWater pipes (0.5 inch)Water flow splitterWater containerPipe clampsJumper Wires5V and 3.3V power supplySoftwareArduino IDEBlynk app If you have already setup the Time Scheduled electric switchgo ahead to setup the water system because this is what we are going to use to schedu…