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Build a REST API using Node and Express.js

Hello Sailors, if you are a programmer you would have heard about APIs or have developed APIs in JAVA, Python or any language. Today, we are going to build an API which sends random nutrition tips as response, with Nodejs and Express.js. Sounds interesting!
What is an API? API stands for Application Program Interface. Ho ho ho! this just made my life, what an explanation! Well, an API is a set of functions and procedures that allow you to create applications which access the data of an application or service.
Why do we need an API? When we want to build an android application, a web application and a desktop application because there are different type of users, so instead of building separate logic for all of these applications, we will build an API and all these applications will consume this API and serves the purpose. Here's another example : You have built a printer which prints great on paper but still no one buys it because you do not provide them any tool to communicate…