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Hey buddy, Welcome to KnowShipp! I'm am so thankful to you for taking time to read the about page.

KnowShipp! is 89% a technology blog (because I know about this stuff only) and 11% about random thoughts/knowledge/jokes which I find worth sharing.

Journey of Blog Name

When I was in Goa with my friend(Pankaj) in 2014, we discovered so many surreal places and I thought to write about these places while sitting on Chapora Fort watching the Sea. I came home and written a small piece on wordpress about places in Goa and named the blog NoShip because the featured image I chose for the post had Sea but No Ship. Yes, this is true.

I made 2 posts about my travel experiences but I was not a traveller, so how could I continue my blog without travelling. Time passed and I forgot about my blog. NoShip got sunk!

In August 2016, while giving an interview for an start-up in Robotics industry. I found myself so amused with the work and technology they were doing that after happily getting rejected I started googling about trends and technologies in IOT and home automation. Bought all the stuff set-up my lab started breaking things because if you don't break something, you won't make anything. I am making small projects now and started to solved common household problems with IOT.

Naming the blog was simpler now, you might have guessed it. I just replaced the 'NO' with 'KNOW' and the 'Shipp' is now sailing in the Ocean of knowledge. That's how KnowShipp was born. I became the Sailor.

Check the following posts to make one for yourself:

About me:

My name is Prakhar Rastogi. I am from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. 25 years young Developer at TCS and a part-time blogger at KnowShipp. An Electronics and Communication Engineering graduate with experience in many programming languages. An avid learner, always seeking new opportunities that could be used make something useful. Gamer, I play PS4 in free time, 'prakhar092' is my PlayStaytion ID. I wake up at 6 AM in the morning and hit the gym 5 days week to sweat out all toxins of life.

In short, I am Programmer, Writer, Gamer, Runner, Winner, Loser, Breaker, Creator & Introvert.

I like share what I find useful and innovative so you can make those things easily at home and if you find any trouble while making any stuff mail me at

That's it for now Sailors. Thanks for reading the Story of KnowShipp.

Keep breaking, keep making!


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Controlling Servo Motor with BLYNK app over WiFi

Hello Shippers, hope you are having a great time! Today, we are gonna build a simple project of controlling servo motor with BLYNK app over Wifi.
Overview: The slider on the blynk app will send a value to the NodeMCU/ESP8266 and this value will be written on PIN 8 and the servo rotates that much degrees. That's the way we are controlling servo motor. Ahaa!

Things we need:Hardware:Servo SG90NodeMCUMicroUSB cableJumper WiresSoftware:Arduino IDEBLYNK appCircuit:
Connections:D8 pin of NodeMCU connects to Command pin of Servo Motor.3V3 PIN of NodeMCU connects to Power PIN of Servo motor (usually RED one).GND PIN of NodeMCU connects to GND of servo motor (usually BLACK one). Simple connections, huh!
BLYNK app Setup on phone:Create a New Project in BLYNK app.Write Project Name and Select ESP8266 or NodeMCU from dropdown.An AUTH token will be sent to your registered email, note this down.Tap on the screen and add a SLIDER widget on the screen.Tap on the Widget, select Digital PIN 8 and Start…

Setup Mosquitto MQTT broker in Windows

MQTT (Message Queueing Telemetry Transport) is a Client Server messaging transport protocol. It provides a lightweight method of carrying messages using a publish/subscribe model. The pub/sub model being lighweight makes it suitable for IOT messaging with low power devices, sensors, phones or microcontrollers. How MQTT works? MQTT follows publish/subscribe model which is alternative to server-client model where client communicates directly with server. The pub/sub model defines the client which send a message(publisher) to another client which received that message(subscriber). The subscriber and publisher are unaware of the presence of each other. The main part, which we call the Broker, which our both publisher and subscriber are aware of, filters all the coming messages and distributes them respectively.

Now we know what is MQTT and how it works. Let's dive in to set this up on Windows 7/8/10.
Mosquitto: This is an open source message broker used for handling lightweight data t…

Time scheduled electric switch controlled with Blynk app

Most of the times when we go out of home for some days, we think of having some device that could switch ON/OFF (let's say) Refrigerator (or any other important appliance)for some hours during the day. Today, we are going to make such time scheduled electric switch which switches ON/OFF at times which we set the in our Blynk app. Woah!

Let's begin!
Things we need:
Hardware:5V relayNodeMCUJumper wiresBreadboard3V3 and 5V power sourceElectrical WiresSoftware:Arduino IDEBLYNK app It's circuit is same as we have created for our Smart Switch. So, if you already have that circuit set up, go ahead with Blynk app set up and Start playing.
Connections:D5 pin of NodeMCU connects to IN1 pin of 5V relay.3V3 of NodeMCU connects to 3V3 powers source and GND to GND.Vcc of relay connects to 5V source and GND to GND.Live wire is connected directly to appliance.Neutral wire from source comes to relay NC pin and another wire goes out from COM pin which is connected to the appliance.Let…