RestroBot is a facebook messenger bot which let's you search for restaurants at any location. Click the get started button to kickstart your restaurant search. Currently, there are 2 ways available to make your searches:
  1. First one is by selecting categories and then sharing the location.
  2. While the other one is simple where you simply need to ask a simple query e.g. "show me the dinner restaurant in chandini chowk".
Whenever you feel you are not able to search, simple type "help me" in the chat and RestroBot will show you the detailed examples of queries to try.

Example searches for way 1:

You: show me the categories of restaurants
RestrBot: Here is the list of categories:
You: Tap on any category you like
Restrobot: Please share the location or pin the location you want to search the restaurants in:
You: Share the location
Restrobot: Shows you the list of restaurants in that location.

Example searches for way 2:

  • simple search asking for dinner restaurants at any location.
Type: "show me the dinner restaurants in Chandini chowk"
  • search for cafes at any location but sort results by rating
Type: "show me the best rated cafes in Connaught place"
  • search for any category of restaurants at any location sorted by price
Type: "show me the cheaper dineouts in Santa Clara"

For detailed demo pics visit:
Message Bot on messenger: RestroBot


Feel free to give suggestions, help requests or drop me a mail at


The RestroBot was a weekend project and is just fun. And we are not storing any user data/information/location. This only allows you to search for restaurants at any location. Our applications is hosted on heroku. We use a secure connection between facebook and heroku. We may anonymously keep track of sender id in future. None of the data will ever be shared, except for maybe some anonymous statistics in the future.


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